8 Essays About Canada – Know More About Canada

Here are the 8 essays about Canada you need to know of prior to starting your immigration process:

  1. Why are we so proud to talk about Canada?
  2. What is Canada known for?
  3. Why is Canada the best country to live in?
  4. Why is Canada one of the most loved and recognized country in the world?
  5. Is Canada the safest country to live in?
  6. What do Canadians do for fun?
  7. What is the main culture in Canada?
  8. Why is Canada special?

Having a chance to explore one of the most amazing countries of the world today, living in Canada is definitely something that most people long to do.

In fact, most Canadians will refuse to leave their country, no matter what, for another country!

Thus, today’s guide breaks down the 8 essays about Canada to help you better understand the country and give you reasons to consider moving to Canada today.

8 Essays About Canada

The 8 essays about Canada can be broken down through the following FAQs:

#1: Why are We So Proud to Talk About Canada?

Well, if you live in Canada, and experience all the many benefits that we enjoy here, then you yourself won’t go a day without spreading the word.

Well, what about its healthcare?

The Canadian healthcare system is one of the best in the world today, with a reduced annual death rate of about 7.8 per every 1,000 persons.

Canada is also rich with a variety of wildlife and amazing natural landscapes for you to feast your eyes on. Its diverse culture also attracts thousands of tourists yearly from around the world.

We are also proud of the notable standards that Canada tends to keep yearly in its educational system. Canadian universities are currently some of the best in the world, with more and more international students applying yearly to come and study in the country.

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Canada is also home to some of the world’s most famous celebrities like Justin Bieber, Ryan Gosling, and Michael BublĂ©. It is also recognized as the top 3 best countries in the world to raise a child, and the 6th most happy country in the world.

#2: What is a Canada Known for?

Canada is commonly known for its amazing sceneries and extreme hospitality to new immigrants.


There’s a lot for you to feast your eyes on at the thindering waters of the Niagra Falls, as well as the bumpy cliffs of the Canadian Rockies


Canada has one of the most number of lakes in the world today, and also boasts of its really long 125,566 miles coastline which cuts across so many amazing views of the sea.

There’s also a lot to offer for the sports lovers as Canada is know for some of the world’s most prominent Ice Hockey teams like the Calgary Flames, Vancouver Canucks, Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Montreal Canadiens.

All these, and still Canada doesn’t fail to withold any, and it always free to share with new incoming immigrants.

#3: Why is Canada the Best Country to Live in?

The following are some really good reasons why Canada is considered as one of the best countries to live in today:

  1. Seeing that water is life, Canada contains about 20% of the world’s fresh water, which tells a lot as to why its healthcare system is one of the best in the world today.
  2. The country also consists as many lakes than the rest of the planet earth combined.
  3. About 30% of the country’s total landmass is covered by forests, which denotes how naturally friendly its environment is.
  4. Canada records of total of about 99% a population rate that consists of literates. This can also be attributed to its low cost in education that attracts thousands of new students to the country yearly. That being said, you’ll rarely find a place where young people just roam about the streets idly.
  5. Canada is very maternity friendly. In the sense that, new mothers are allowed the comfort of aboyt 17 to 52 weeks off their work hours to have enough time to cater for their newly born babies, and still get paid.
  6. The country ranks the 6th highest in the world when its comes down to the countries with the best average life expectancy at birth.

#4: Why is Canada One of the Most Loved and Recognized Country in the World?

A 2015 stats by the Reputation Institute ranked Canada as one of the most admire country in the world today; this stat was based on a number of factors, some of which includes:

  • Its healthcare system is one of the best in the world; offering free healthcare programs to citizen, which is another reason why so many people today opt for the Express Entry Canadian immigration program.
  • There are also a lot to be gained from Canada’s really stabilized economy, leading to the country’s reduced unemployment rate down to 6.8% since 1976.
  • Canadian study institutions also produces some of the best notable students in the world today.
  • Its multicultural system is one that accepts everyone, irrespective of their beliefs.

#5: Is Canada the Safest Country to Live in?

Canada ranks 3rd on the list of the top 5 most safest countries in the world to live in today. This can be attributed mainly to its vast ability to reduce criminal activities in the country, almost completely.

#6: What Do Canadians Do For Fun?

Canadians are known for the following activities:

  1. Taking part in thanksgiving with the family every October
  2. Growing of playoff beards
  3. Owning a vast majority of cottages, or having friends that do
  4. Always exhibiting the Canadian culture with pride.

#7: What is the Main Culture in Canada?

The Canadian culture consists of a mix of British, American influences, and French, all of which combine to make new visitors always fill at home in the country.

#8: Why is Canada Special?

Well, there’s really no other country in the world today that can boast of having at least half of what Canada has in its many wildlife activities, numerous landscapes and fascinating sceneries, economic values and governmental stability, all joined together.

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